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You get a nanny.

When you check into this all-inclusive resort, you’re assigned an experienced, CPR-trained sitter for your kids during the day at no charge. With or without you in tow, the nanny will take them to any of the dozens of activities, from crab races to tie-dyeing, soccer matches to cooking lessons, plus the shallow pools and beach. While there’s snorkeling, tennis, and other lessons for school-age kids, Franklyn D. focuses on little ones.

About 80 percent of our families have kids 6 and under.

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Top Caribbean All Inclusive Resorts For Families

Jamaica is an island known for all inclusives for families, all offering kids’ clubs, watersports, kids’ meals…

But Franklyn D. Resort (and sister property FDR Pebbles) takes “all-included” one step further: each family has their own “vacation nanny” during their stay.

Many families request the same nanny, year after year. She’ll play with your child, take them to the kids’ club or arts and craft center or other activities; or if you prefer, she’ll hang out with you, watch toddlers in the pool while you relax, and so on.

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Travels With Baby Reviews

As I interviewed new and prospective parents for my book Travels with Baby, it became clear that one of the top trips many parents hoped to make with their child in the first few years would be to a relaxing all-inclusive resort, especially one where they might get a little help with childcare so they can truly relax and enjoy their vacation.

Yet as I set out to find the best recommendations for my readers, I found that few all-inclusive family resorts were prepared to provide care for children under 3 years old or in diapers.

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Vacation Nanny 411: All About FDR Resorts’ Ultimate “All-Inclusive Inclusion” For Families

As I mention in my review of Franklyn D. Resort & Spa, what is particularly appealing about Franklyn D. Resort & Spa (a.k.a. FDR) in Jamaica, and its sister property FDR Pebbles Resort, is that the “all-inclusive inclusions” include a Vacation Nanny assigned exclusively to your family to assist you each day of your stay (and after hours by request).

Compared with other family resorts that may offer drop-off childcare or private babysitters, at FDR and Pebbles you and your children (including infants and toddlers who are often excluded from kid’ camps) have a chance to become familiar with your personal nanny from the start. So even those children who are slow to warm up to new caregivers and surroundings have a chance to adapt, even while you are all together.

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Family Travel Files Ezine

What could possibly make an all-inclusive Caribbean family vacation better? A nanny, of course! It may sound preposterous, but that’s exactly what FDR resorts offer traveling families. And who couldn’t use an extra set of hands?

Part of the beauty of the FDR Resorts— two family vacation spots in Jamaica where my family and I spent March break this year— is that tailoring the fun for both children and their parents is part of the all-inclusive package. Two blackboards post the day’s hourly activities, one for kids and one for adults. You can engage in parallel play, or enjoy time together.

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