Guest Comments

Sarah & Family, West Chestermese Drive

All of the staff were fantastic!!! Event coordinators, Servers , Nannies & Front Desk. We really enjoyed our stay at FDR. We loved having our own personal nanny- it truly felt like a vacation. Thank You so much:)

Dec. 2010

Ayana & Gregory M.NY

Janet, Natasha, Justine,Carrie and Harry made our stay special. We enjoyed ourselves immensely. Thanks for the hospitality, attentiveness and assistance. We’ll be back!!

Dec 19,2010.

Lynn & Steven W. MA

Lorraine our nanny and Trish the wedding Planner made our stay special. The people are genuinely wonderful and we loved everyone and everything. Thanks for the renewal of Vows. You did a great Job.

Dec 15,2010.

Bill & Family, NJ

Everybody was great! The nannies were outstanding and Terrific! It was a pleasant surprise to have 2 nannies. Front desk staff  was very nice and helpful wish we could stay longer!

Dec 14,2010

Eugenia & Kevin L. CA

Our nanny Marleen made our stay definitely special! We can not thank you enough for giving us an actual vacation! The staff members are all fabulous, very helpful, respectful & good humoured. Thank You.

Dec 9,2010

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