Guest Comments

Barrett Family – Texas

We had a good Vacation The staff in the dining areas were superb and it is hard to start naming individuals.

May 2012

Coffman – Family

Staff was extremely friendly and goes out of their way to accommodate. Really loved the people that i ran into, everyone had a great attitude and you can tell they truely love their jobs.

May 2012

Schlechr Family – Michigan

My son is allergic to eggs and Sanjay grilled him his “special” chicken for lunch and dinner daily. He loved it everytime!. They also made special desserts for him!.

May 2012

Guroff Family – Rhode Island

People consistently went out of their way to make our stay easy and enjoyable. One night the waitresses danced with our daughters. Another night staff from the Overproof restaurant carried food back to our room on a tray for us. Thank you to everyone, we felt at home 24/7.

Also, the Jamaican food was great!, the mother’s day events and gifts were really sweet too.

May 2012.

Padilla Family

The Nannies were terrific, so wonderful with our kids. So many staff were so friendly!.

May 2012

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