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“Another perfect vacation!”

June 13, 2012

What can I say? Second time there, another
perfect trip! I’m not sure I can add anything
that I haven’t said before lol..the staff were
great, weather was perfect, food delicious!
I found it harder to leave this year than before.
There are a couple staff that we got attached to
& miss them dearly! It really is a perfect place
to take the kids. Staff members keep the kids
involved with activities, have dinner with them,
play games after dinner. Personally know your kids,
and greet you everytime they see you. You really do
make friends with everyone there. Everyone goes out
of their way to make your trip wonderful. The nannies
are a must have! We asked for Janice again. At this point
she feels like family! It’s just great. I would recommend
it to anyone with kids (of all ages).

“Even better 2nd time!

June 12, 2012

We were at FDR on our 2nd trip May 17-25.
Had Tanya Austin again as our nanny and
the girls had a blast. She really knew how
to keep them engaged in the types of things
they liked doing. The place is the same as
2 years ago with a fee upgrades. Our 2 bdrm
suite looked like it had a pretty recent upgrade.
It was huge and spotless.The wifi is much better
than last time. We found a significant improvement
to the food. Still a small selection, but it wasn’t
repetitive and it was very very well prepared.
All staff were amazing. May is a very low season
and there were only about 6 families, but they kept
everything open and were very flexible in
accommodating whatever you felt like doing whenever
you wanted. That’s a big benefit of going at that
time. I guess the tides change from year to year,
but we found it much much easier to get to the large
public beach this time compared to 2 years ago.
Not the obstacle course it was 2 years ago.
A real hidden gem in the Caribbean for young families!
Conversation with my 4 yr old daughter on last day.
“are we going home now?”
“because it’s the end of our week, but we’ll come back”
“can we come back for longer next time?”
“how long?”
“uhh…like maybe 10 million days?”
“we’ll see..get a job first”.

Cooke Family

FDR is the place to be. The comfort of the experience was

joyous. Nothing beats the warm intimacy of this Family

experience. We have been melting in it all and not wanting

to leave. Every moment in this setting  was savoured  by us

all. The staff, food and company was PRICELESS! Thank you

FDR you’re the IT! place for Family, Fun and Frolic.

July 2012

Shaw & Stiffler Family- California

It was simply a wonderful time, Sophie our wonderful nanny

was the BEST!

July 2012

Camilleri Family

Latoya was super with the teens, Captain Freckles was also great.

Its so nice that the staff remenbers us from trip to trip. Thanks for

another amazing vacation……. I could have stayed longer!, We will

all miss Ms Evelyn.

July 2012

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