Guest Comments

Baldwin Family

We loved our stay, your staff is wonderful, engaging and so sweet

to our whole family. Thank you!! it is so hard to leave. Lisa is the

best nanny, she is so patient and so kind and we will a miss her.

July 2012

Frazier Family

Our Nanny was outstanding as usual. Harry went out of his way for us.

Snorkeling was awesome and he took us on the boat and let our little boy

fish and made sure he caught fish; Logan was thrilled, it made his day.

The food here was always good, but it was noticeably  better. The food is top

notch now, all of it was excellent, hats off to the chef and his crew.

All staff were friendly, warm and welcoming, we love it here and the staff is why.

July 2012

Ajayi Family

Wonderful staff, very nice and well-behaved people, I love them all.

May God bless and keep you all. Thank you all!!

July 2012

Marcus Family

Andre and Ryan always went out of their way to be

friendly to our son at meals. Calima was so wonderful

and our son just loved being with her. She took great

care of us and made our stay so nice, we will miss her!!

Kimberley at the Front Desk was very helpful and Harry

was excellent with cleaning the kiddies slide pool in the Morning

July 2012

“FDR is a wonderful family resort in Jamaica!”

**I’ve meant to write a review for the past 2 summers, so here goes**

We have stayed at FDR the past 3 summers and we are so grateful that

this was our first place to stay in Jamaica! Our nanny, Tamara Brown,

is such a wonderful nanny and person! We have requested her each

year and in fact she has become our friend and we keep in touch with

her throughout the year. Our kids age 10s & 8d adore her, as do my

husband and I! The entire staff is very friendly and personable,

not to mention, so much fun to spend time with and learn about

their culture, the island and their lives. We keep in touch with many

of them throughout the year as well. We play dominoes, board games,

card games, pool games .. you name it! It’s like visiting your friends every

summer! We enjoy trying all of the local cuisine, but there are always other

items that you can choose from if you decide to do so. We LOVE the rooms

as well because you have a master bedroom which has a door so you can

have privacy, if you choose. We stay in Block 1 on the 2nd or 3rd floor and

it has beautiful views of the ocean with a wonderful breeze! There are no

elevators, so be prepared to walk up the stairs, but it’s not that far up for

what you wake up to every morning! The resort is always clean and well

tended to. It’s not “fancy” at all, but if you can look past that, you will be in

HEAVEN! It actually gives it some Jamaican charm. We prefer the smaller

resorts for the reason I mentioned above .. you actually get to spend time

with the nanny, staff and other guests that you would NOT get at larger resorts.

FDR has approx 77 rooms, one main pool, one small pool with a big waterslide

“Big Blue” and one bar! So you see your nanny with the kids, the staff and guests

all day each day… if you wish. Or you can go elsewhere and relax in a hammock

or the adult hot tub! We call FDR “Our Jamaica”!! We stayed at a large resort in

Jamaica right after FDR this summer. It’s NOT the same experience! I’ll leave

it at this “Once You Go to FDR .. You KNOW!” The Speer Family

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