Guest Comments

Dyer Family

All staff were helpful, friendly and pleasant. I believe a

good service was provided by all staff and I hope that this

is reflected to the staff, who have been helpful and friendly.

My nanny Carlene was such a valuable asset.

August 2012

Renquist Family

Nanny program is outstanding. Althea was a perfect example of

Jamaican hospitality and graciousness and super diligent with our Grandson.

August 2012

Stark Family

The staff at this resort is by far the best we have been

around. You should be proud.

August 2012

Tkachenko Family

The staff at this resort is what makes it so special.

The nanny service is an amazing feature that all hotels

should offer, but because they dont this makes this

place so unique. We absolutely loved our stay and plan

to come back with friends and family.

August 2012.

Dawkins Family

Lisa is a wonderful nanny, this was our second year with her

and she did not disappoint. Our kids love her, she has become

like family. You are very fortunate to have her as an employee.

August 2012

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