Guest Comments

Farr Family

Our nannies were great as always. keep upgrading

the place it helps.

November 2012

Boucher Family

A special thank you to our nanny Patrina, we love her!

November 2012

Lalama Family

We believe all staff were special, they would have done

anything to see us smile. We are absolutely going home and planning

a return trip for next year and would like to bring some more

people with us and of course ask for Jasmine.

November 2012

Elser Family

So many persons made our stay- Kadian, Ken, Perry, Comay,

Marsha and many others. Kadian is awesome, she is more than a

nanny, she’s like family.

November 2012


McGlade Family

Evelyn and Sabrina were our best nannies ever and Shaneel the

lifeguard is amazing. Frank went far beyond my expectations

of kindness and generosity.

November 2012

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