Guest Comments

Cooke Family

FDR is the place to be. The comfort of the experience was

joyous. Nothing beats the warm intimacy of this Family

experience. We have been melting in it all and not wanting

to leave. Every moment in this setting  was savoured  by us

all. The staff, food and company was PRICELESS! Thank you

FDR you’re the IT! place for Family, Fun and Frolic.

July 2012

Shaw & Stiffler Family- California

It was simply a wonderful time, Sophie our wonderful nanny

was the BEST!

July 2012

Camilleri Family

Latoya was super with the teens, Captain Freckles was also great.

Its so nice that the staff remenbers us from trip to trip. Thanks for

another amazing vacation……. I could have stayed longer!, We will

all miss Ms Evelyn.

July 2012

Gayle Family

Cameron at the bar was great. He had wonderful

customer service. Striker at the dining room was also

one of out favourite servers. Everyone did a good job,

it was lovely.

June 2012

McEwen Family

Great family experience and a very cozy stay.

We will love to come back and relive our experience.

It was my first time snorkelling in the ocean, that was


June 2012

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