Guest Comments

Wieder Family

Overall, excellent time, great hospitality and

wonderful people. All nannies with our group

were great with the children- Kadian, Olisia, Coretta and Carmelina.

November 2012

Tsatsas Family

Once we arrived, it was very relaxing. The resort staff

were unbelievably friendly and kind to our kids. Our son said

this was his “best vacation ever” because of our nanny Samoni.

The staff; from nanny, to activity coordinators to tennis pro, treated

our kids as if they were their own.

November 2012

Reynolds Family

All staff were great. The Chef, Nanny, Waitress, Waiters, Security,

Maintenance crew and all the cooks. The food was really good.

October 2012

Byfield Family

I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent service the we received.

Please keep up the good job. The reservation department was

also quiet commendable. Nice to know a locally owned  Hotel offers

good service.

October 2012

Varma Family

Our Nannies Elodene and Monica were great. Also Marsha,

Perry, Omercye and Shaneil the Lifeguard who gave a wonderful

one on one snorkeling tour. Thank you for a lovely stay, your

staff is really exceptional and made our time truly enjoyable.

We hope to be back.

October 2012

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