Guest Comments

Bathgate Family- Ontario

Giovannah our nanny was wonderful with

our daughter and very helpful to us.

April 2013

Ukleja Family- Texas

Coretta our Nanny- She is so amazing. Ryan and

Sharika at bar-  were so sweet, Trishawana- so nice

and helpful with pictures and Donnalee- taught us

about cho-cho and Jamaican fruits. Sherika helped

me make a new drink for SCIENCE; ginger tea, vodka

& apricot liquor. Yum!

April 2013

Chitte Family- Ontario

Our nanny Monica and Baschoe- he catered to our

needs (vegetarians), they both made our stay special.

Fantastic stay, we will be back!

April 2013

Meier Family- New Hampshire

We had an absolutely wonderful time here!

Elsie the nurse is an Angel. All staff were all just

wonderful, made us feel right at home. Thank you to

all! Monique- she was so attentive, professional

and patient. She is a keeper!

April 2013

Costanzo Family

Everyone was very lovely and made us feel

welcome, Sophia was great and caring with the


April 2013

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