Guest Comments

Schwartzberg Family- New York

Our Nanny was amazing, she was engaging and attentive.

May 2013

Cole Family

The Nanny service is a wonderful feature. Donnee really

took care of the children and made us feel special too!

May 2013

King Family- Ontario

Our stay was perfect. All the fish was so tasty

and we loved the salad selection and vegetable choices.

April 2013

Bathgate Family- Ontario

Giovannah our nanny was wonderful with

our daughter and very helpful to us.

April 2013

Ukleja Family- Texas

Coretta our Nanny- She is so amazing. Ryan and

Sharika at bar-  were so sweet, Trishawana- so nice

and helpful with pictures and Donnalee- taught us

about cho-cho and Jamaican fruits. Sherika helped

me make a new drink for SCIENCE; ginger tea, vodka

& apricot liquor. Yum!

April 2013

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