FDR- Where Everybody Knows your name

Literally. On our second day there, staff who we hadn’t even met were walking by saying hello to us and the kids…calling us by our first names. Other nannies, entertainment folks, even the waiters and waitresses would say hi by name and always take a few seconds to engage the kids.
I reviewed the FDR last year, giving it 4 stars – because for some reason, TripAdvisor doesn’t have a half star option or it would have been 4.5. The whole family loved it, and like my first review said, we were already planning our return trip before we left. Well, we took our second trip and will be returning again next year. Every little thing I mentioned in my first review was addressed, making this a 5 star vacation. From the minute we arrived at the airport until the moment we were driven back to the airport was perfect.

We went in low season, so can’t speak for any visits during high season, and we saw pretty much all of the people we met last year. The renovations weren’t all that much from last year, but the staff is why everybody keeps coming back. Friendly and personable, they are willing to do anything you need. In between they will sit and talk, play a board game with you, or horse around with the kids.

Our nanny was great, I won’t mention her name because we want her all to ourselves next year! (Shawnette) But you can’t go wrong with whoever you get. We did notice some people who were first timers and never let go of their toddlers. Puzzling to us that they would choose the FDR and have a nanny they weren’t utilizing. We chatted up some of these folks and tried to reassure them their child would be fine, but they were concerned he/she would cry once they left him/her. If you have separation anxiety, don’t go to the FDR. TRUST in your nanny – they are all great at re-directing, meaning that once your child starts crying when you leave, the nannies will have them off and playing a game or arts and crafts so within 5 minutes the child will be having fun!

Food was good, as always. Entertainment at night was great, and activities during the day for adults and kids were very fun. The staff all participate and are fun and lively. One example of how the staff goes out of their way: another woman lost her wedding rings on the first day, thought maybe she left them at the airport. When the nanny was cleaning her room she found the items and immediately returned them to the woman….amazingly trustworthy!

I’d love to mention everyone who made our stay enjoyable, but that would mean pretty much naming all the staff there. Thanks to you all, I’m sure you know who you are (OhMercy, Kerry, Dwayne, and the other 50 or so). See you next year! And we are bringing others! Feel free to private msg me with any questions.

I’ll finish up with this: Frank the owner (who is there every day) walked by and stopped to talk to me (calling me by name) and asked how everything was going, etc. I commented how great his staff was, and how much we loved his place, and he said “glad to hear that, because you are family”. And he meant it-November 2013