Jamaica: Points of Interest

Did you know that the Breadfruit otherwise known as the “Artocarpus Altilis” was first introduced to Jamaica by Captain William Bligh on his second voyage to our beautiful island in August of 1789?

Captain Bligh in the late 18 century introduced breadfruit as a cheap, high energy food for British Slaves in the Caribbean. Can you imagine how long the Breadfruit has been in existence and how valuable it is after all these years. It has become a staple food as it is high on nutritional value, rich in vitamins A, B, C and also carbohydrates.

When Long Distance Marathons are hosted in Jamaica, the athletes anticipate coming to our country not primarily for the races, but to try our breadfruit and yam that they have heard so much about; the food that the fastest man alive, our own Usain Bolt loves to eat. It is a complex carbohydrate, therefore, it will not increase the sugar level, instead boosts the energy level. The breadfruit can be prepared in various delicious forms: fried, roasted or boiled, and is served with our national dish the famous ackee and saltfish or steamed callaloo. The all- inclusive Franklyn D Resort and Spa provides you with this exquisite dish at two of our four restaurants, the Jamaican and the Verandah Restaurant.

After all these years Captain Bligh did a fine job in introducing the breadfruit. Now decades later it is loved and enjoyed by athletes who want that extra boost to compete, as well as natives and travelers from all over the world who want to enjoy a truly authentic Jamaican dish.