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FDR’S Valentine’s Nanny Special

FDR’S Valentine’s Nanny Special


Why I Love My Nanny!

Tell us why you love your vacation nanny that you met at FDR!!

Write a 50 word Essay entitled ” Why I Love my FDR Vacation Nanny” and win a 4 nights/5 days land only all inclusive stay at the Franklyn D Resort & Spa for  2 adults and 2 children.


Kids 12 years and under are eligible to enter this contest
You must be a in-house guests or have stayed at FDR before
Must include the name of your nanny
Must Include the dates of your visit to FDR
Essay must not exceed 50 words or less than 30 words
Must submit essay by 5:00pm on Friday, February 13, 2015
Include pictures of you and your nanny (optional)
Judging will be done on Saturday, February 14, 2015
Prize Winner will be announced on Saturday, February 14, 2015-Valentine’s Day

Please send all essays to or Inbox us on our Facebook page.

Must Travel by February 14, 2016
Blackout dates: Christmas & New Years

nanny & kids


Ever wanted to have the perfect family vacation with your children? Well, the all- inclusive Franklyn D. Resort and Spa is the best kid friendly resort for you and your family. We specialize in all age groups from weebabies, to teenage, to adults. There is something here for everyone. Every family is greeted upon arrival with their own highly trained and certified vacation nanny.

Your vacation nanny works with you from 9:00 am to 4:40pm,she is your personal assistant and aids in making your holiday superb. If required in the evenings she is available for the low rate of US$6 per hour. The nanny only makes herself available when necessary; she is warm, kind, friendly, attentive and respects your privacy. Your vacation nanny will care for your children and keep them occupied by taking them to tie-dye, snorkeling, treasure hunting, crab racing, goat racing, to play, feed and pet the rabbits, ring tossing, soccer matches, to the pool or beach, building sand castles, the playground, for a walk or to many of the games, crafts and activities offered in the yellow bird kids club that is open from 7:30am-10:00pm daily.

Vacation nannies are delighted to attend to your children to bathe and dress them, and ensure that they are fed in their designated hours. In the evenings she will take your kids to “kiddies’ dinner” which is a buffet made especially for the kids filled with all their favourite foods. She also takes them to the various shows for children in the evenings, such as the Super-boy contest or the Mini- Miss Kids club competition from which they all receive prizes and souvenirs. Parents are wondering about their teenagers as they are easily bored and you want them to have a rocking vacation too.

There are special teen programs that include activities such as off-site teen excursions, some of which are white river tubing and the bob sled canopy tour. There is a trained teen coordinator who supervises all activities and hangs out with the teens daily.

They will enjoy chilling at the Teens club with their new found friends playing pool, foosball, table tennis or even video games such as Wii, GameCube and Xbox 360. Pool/beach volleyball, kayaking, sailing, snorkeling trips, glass bottom boat rides, waterslide, music trivia’s, diving or just relaxing out on the water trampoline are just some of the exciting activities that teens will enjoy while on vacation at the most kid-friendly family resort in Jamaica.

In the evenings there is teen’s dinner, followed by disco time where the fun happens in the disco dancing and listening to music from the legendary Bob Marley or movie nights where they all relax after a day of fun-filled activities. Parents while your children are having fun so should you!! It is your carefree vacation to relax and partake in as much or as little activities as you please.

Some of our adult entertainment includes volleyball on the beach, bingo, talent shows, ring tossing, sing your favourite tune at karaoke, Dancing under the stars every night, disco, sailing, kayaking and cooking class to learn how to cook various Jamaica dishes or creating/blending spices such as our delicious jerk sauce.

Enjoy luxurious “his and her” spa treatments, excursions such as climbing the Dunn’s River Falls, shopping trips and deep sea diving. Maybe, you prefer relaxing by the pool or the hammock garden reading your favourite book, or just getting a nap while the sea breeze and the sounds of the ocean soothes your soul. In the evenings you can relax and enjoy the glowing horizon of the sunset.

While your nanny is catering to your children’s needs, for adult dining there is the Pier Restaurant which serves amazing Italian cuisine and the “Overproof Restaurant” which allows you to have the real taste of delightful Jamaican cuisine. You can relax having your meal and not worry about your children.

Your vacation is mostly about spending time with your family, there is family entertainment daily the entire family to enjoy. There is the big family fun day on the beach where you do activities together, family excursions such as the dolphin cove experience, boat rides, snorkeling and pool Olympics. At nights, there is entertainment for you and your family; there is ShowTime which starts every night at 8:00pm and every night there is something new to look forward to there are native shows, fire eaters, limbo dancing and cabaret performers.

Which other resort offers you 3 vacations in one; the kids by themselves, you by yourselves, and a family vacation for everyone together. Hear it from one of our current guests who has a lot to say about the best kid friendly Resort in Jamaica.

Jamaica Rocks! A Poem

There is a current guest at the Franklyn D Resort & Spa who absolutely loves the Resort and Jamaica. Her name is Sita Edwards.

She is a very intelligent eight (8) year old who lives in the United States of America and this is her second Trip to the Franklyn D Resort & Spa.

Sita loves to write poems and has an entire collection of poetry that she has written.

Out of all her poems she read the one she wrote on Jamaica to everyone in her class.

This poem was written after her first stay at the Franklyn D Resort and Spa in Jamaica.

Truly All- Inclusive Resort

I have been asked this question repeatedly “Are there any surprise charges after booking this trip?

The All Inclusive Franklyn D Resort & Spa provides the “True Jamaican hospitality at its best”. We offer our guests the opportunity to let go of any worries or concerns and have a true Jamaican experience filled with fun and relaxation. There are no hidden costs and there is no fine print; our all- inclusive package offers our guests’ food, drink, accommodation and amenities all at one base price. In other words “we don’t nickel and dime you”.

For special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries we always make it memorable for you and your family at no additional cost. We host birthday parties for your children, inclusive of a decorated party area with cake, ice- cream, snacks, treats, games on the beach and a gift for the birthday boy/girl. While, for the adults on celebrating their anniversary we provide a special decorated candlelit dine area by the gazebo or beach under the stars with champagne and cake for you and your significant other to enjoy a romantic evening.

At the Franklyn D Resort & Spa you will definitely feel the love in our friendly environment, where all our staff combines to be gracious hosts for you and your family to have a True Jamaican experience.

Jamaica: Points of Interest

Did you know that the Breadfruit otherwise known as the “Artocarpus Altilis” was first introduced to Jamaica by Captain William Bligh on his second voyage to our beautiful island in August of 1789?

Captain Bligh in the late 18 century introduced breadfruit as a cheap, high energy food for British Slaves in the Caribbean. Can you imagine how long the Breadfruit has been in existence and how valuable it is after all these years. It has become a staple food as it is high on nutritional value, rich in vitamins A, B, C and also carbohydrates.

When Long Distance Marathons are hosted in Jamaica, the athletes anticipate coming to our country not primarily for the races, but to try our breadfruit and yam that they have heard so much about; the food that the fastest man alive, our own Usain Bolt loves to eat. It is a complex carbohydrate, therefore, it will not increase the sugar level, instead boosts the energy level. The breadfruit can be prepared in various delicious forms: fried, roasted or boiled, and is served with our national dish the famous ackee and saltfish or steamed callaloo. The all- inclusive Franklyn D Resort and Spa provides you with this exquisite dish at two of our four restaurants, the Jamaican and the Verandah Restaurant.

After all these years Captain Bligh did a fine job in introducing the breadfruit. Now decades later it is loved and enjoyed by athletes who want that extra boost to compete, as well as natives and travelers from all over the world who want to enjoy a truly authentic Jamaican dish.